"Space Design" means the creation of comfortable, efficient environments for all spaces in which people live and work.
In today's highly information-oriented society, each new technological innovation dramatically changes the environment, which in turn exerts a strong influence on the people living and working within it.
Kurogane puts people first, and has devoted itself to developing products for the creation of the ideal human-oriented environment.

Company Name

Kurogane Kosakusho Ltd.


〒550-0013 Osaka Yotsubashi Shinmachi Bldg. 4-24, Shinmachi 1-Chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Phone: 06-6538-1010, Fax:06-6538-1019


March, 1927




Listed on The Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
Number of stocks issued: 1,857,000

Boarding Members
President & Representive Director Kohtari, Yasuhiro
Vice President & Representive Director Kohtari, Naotaka
Director Suzuki, Masaru
Director and Managing Executive Officer Hirano, Kenji
Director and Managing Executive Officer Tanaka, Kiyoshi
Director and Executive Officer Iwakura, Hiroshi
Director and Executive Officer Ando, Tuneshi
Director and Executive Officer Watanabe, Yuji
Outside Director Iwasaki, Masamune
Executive Officer Doi, Ichiro

Standing Statutory Auditor Hashimoto, Hidenori
Outside Auditor Oota, Katsumi
Outside Auditor Toyoura, Nobutaka
  • •Manufacture and sales of Furniture for Office and Facility use.
  • •Manufacture and sales of Furniture for Home and Residence use.
  • •Manufacture of Air Conditioning and Clean-Room-related equipment.
  • •Manufacture and installation of custom-made Interiors and construction-related equipment.
  • •Others related to above business
  • Licensed Construction Works (M.L.I.T.)
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (TOKU-8, No.6304)
    • Building Works
    • Interior Finishing Works,
    • Steel Frame Structure Construction Works
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (HAN-8, No.6304)
    • Finish Carpentry Works
    • Sheet-Metal Works
    • Machine and Equipment Installation Works
Sales office Tokyo / Sapporo / Nagoya / Mie / Osaka / Takamatsu / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi / Fukuoka
  • Kurogane Kosan Co., Ltd.
  • K. S. M. Co., Ltd.
  • K. F. S. Co., Ltd.
  • Accuride Japan Co., Ltd.